Going Green

Green Initiatives

Certainly, the many benefits of going green are immense and becoming widely popular among businesses and individuals today. The financial benefits include expense reductions, greater favorability for businesses, asset value increases, better efficiency and attendance in the workplace, more attraction from tenants, and lower insurance rates. Furthermore, the community benefits include an increase in public safety, less health risks, and a healthier environment. The environmental benefits include cleaner air and water, reduction of waste, and saving and protecting water and forest life.

Many electricity companies texas are leading people to a better quality of life by encouraging them to “go green”. They are leading efforts to help people become earth and eco-friendly. These companies are ensuring that their products are positively affecting the environment. Many Texas companies are working to minimize pollution, beginning to recycle, conserving water and energy, and outsourcing their products to be made with organic or natural raw materials.

For marketing, the companies use ego friendly Public Relation tactics to increase favor from consumers. In addition, work buildings are becoming environmentally-friendly, the employees are better being educated on the importance of going green, and the consumers are being educated on where the product is being sourced from and the ways in which it is eco-friendly.

Moreover, people can save on their electricity bills simply by turning down the temperature on the water heater, doing laundry on the cold water setting, turning the refrigerator and freezer to the warmest setting possible, use sleep mode on computers, use laptops instead of desktops, turn thermostat up three degrees in the hot months and down three degrees when the weather is cold (this saves approximately 200 a year), becoming conscious of the use of unnatural light and turning them off when they are not needed, turning off electronics when not in use, hang clothes to dry instead of using a dryer, taking shorter showers, closing curtains at night during cold months and hot days in summer, and washing clothes and dishes only on the “full-load” settings.

Being conscious and weighing how much energy and water is actually being conserved will motivate people to practice more eco-friendly every day acts, which accumulate over-time. Many people are downgrading or initially choosing smaller homes in order to save electricity and water. Against what myths say, turning the thermostat up or down during the day when nobody is home does not use more energy. Ways to stay warm during the winter include drinking hot coffee, dressing in layers, and using electric heaters.

The majority of light bulbs create heat instead of light. This makes eco-friendly light bulbs much more attractive. Save money, save our trees, and take care of our environment today by going green!

Save Money On Bills With A Tankless Water Heater

Standard tank-type water heaters are a drain on energy and your wallet. Standard water heaters use energy twenty-four hours a day to maintain a steamy temperature for all of the water in the tank. Compare this to a tankless water heater, which heats water quickly, and only when needed. Not only does using a tankless water heater save energy, it can also mean a hefty savings on an energy bill.

According to Energy Star, the United States government organization program aimed at reducing greenhouse gases, Continue reading Save Money On Bills With A Tankless Water Heater

Powering Your Technology In The Wilderness With Solar Chargers

Whether your idea of outdoor fun is whooshing down the ski slopes or hanging out by the lake, you’ll most likely bring along at least one portable electronic device. From cell phones to laptops, they all require electricity to work. With a portable solar charger, you can continue to use your phone or GPS even in the wilderness.

Solar chargers work by converting sunlight into electricity. They are manufactured in a variety of sizes to suit every need. Some are barely bigger than a cell phone, while others unfold and create enough electricity to power Continue reading Powering Your Technology In The Wilderness With Solar Chargers

How Switchgrass Can Rejuvenate The Biofuel Industry

With drought taking its toll on the price of corn, the biofuel industry is seeking alternative materials to create ethanol. Switchgrass, a native plant in North America, may be the ideal solution to potential crop shortages in a world suffering from climate change.

Switchgrass grows easily in marginal soil. It requires far less water than corn and is tolerant of the temperature fluctuations typical of the Great Plains. In more temperate climates such as the southern United States, it produces high yields per Continue reading How Switchgrass Can Rejuvenate The Biofuel Industry

Are Residential Wind Turbines Worth The Cost?

While residential wind turbines have gained popularity over the last several years, some homeowners are wondering whether they are worth the investment.

The energy output for small wind turbines in 2009 exceeded 100 megawatts. While this figure accounts for only 3 percent of wind-derived energy in the United States, more than 50 percent of wind turbine capability has been added within the last several years. Most of this comes from one specific type of residential wind turbine.

There is a big difference between residential rooftop turbines and larger Continue reading Are Residential Wind Turbines Worth The Cost?

Slay These Energy Pirates Who Are Stealing Your Money

More and more people are becoming increasingly conscious about environmental issues and conserving natural resources. This is especially true in today’s slower economy in which households are cutting costs to save money. Nevertheless, many households are still consuming excess energy in small ways that can add up over time.

Leaving the light on in an unoccupied room can seem like an innocent habit. However, by using electricity in empty areas of the home can waste electricity and lead to increased utility costs. Excessive lighting usage can also raise the interior temperature, which can translate Continue reading Slay These Energy Pirates Who Are Stealing Your Money